Tell Harry Reid: Don't bluff on filibuster reform

Harry Reid imageOn July 11, Sen. Harry Reid told reporters that unless Republicans dropped their filibusters and confirmed all of the nominees he filed that day, then Senate Democrats would use the constitutional option to permanently eliminate filibusters on executive branch nominations.

The nominees at stake are big, big deals. They include Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Gina McCarthy to head the Environmental Protection Agency, and Thomas Perez to head CREDO logothe Department of Labor. They also include three nominees for the National Labor Relations Board, without whom the NLRB will cease to function, meaning that workers across the country will lose a crucial portion of their legal protection on the job (which is exactly what Republicans want).

Now’s the time for Harry Reid to take action. No more "deals" with Republicans. Not another toothless "gentlemen’s agreement" like he struck in January. No more promises that don't result in meaningful filibuster reform.

Please sign the petition from Daily Kos and CREDO telling Harry Reid to go nuclear and implement real filibuster reform if Republicans do not immediately confirm all of the nominees he filed on July 11.

75051 total signers.

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