To the U.S. Senate: Now is time to pass the talking filibuster

We did it. Our persistent push for filibuster reform forced the Republicans in the U.S. Senate to stop their obstruction and allow an up-or-down vote on the president's nominees. America can now move forward with critical reforms to stop predatory lending, keep our air and water clean, and block unfair labor practices.

But it's not enough to restore the traditions of the Senate just for executive nominations. The Senate also has to find a way to debate constructively—and then move forward to a majority vote—on legislation and judicial nominees.

The talking filibuster would allow senators who want further debate—or even to block a vote—to take the floor and make their case. But when they're done, the Senate should move forward and vote. No more silent filibusters. The American people deserve a Senate that works.

Join Daily Kos and Senator Jeff Merkley by telling the U.S. Senate to pass the talking filibuster.

53795 total signers.

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