Tell First National Bank to pay Katie Barnett restitution for breaking into her house

An Ohio woman returned from vacation to find that all of her belongings had been stolen, taken right out of her house. She knows who did it, but the local police aren't helping her.

That's because Katie Barnett's stuff was not stolen by a burglar who slipped in under cover of darkness, but by a bank.

First National Bank of Wellston foreclosed on her neighbor across the street—but got the wrong house, changed the locks and removed everything from Barnett's home. Meanwhile, the McArthur police chief has declared the case closed—even though Barnett doesn't have her stuff back and hasn't been paid.

Katie estimates that she lost over $18,000 in personal property, itemized everything and has asked the bank to reimburse her. First National Bank has refused.

Sign our petition to Eric Emmert, president and CEO of First National Bank of Wellston, demanding they reimburse a minimum of $18,000 to Katie Barnett.

23521 total signers.


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