Tell President Obama not to appoint Larry Summers as Federal Reserve chair

It seems that Larry Summers is the frontrunner for chair of the Federal Reserve.

Summers is famous for three things. One is being kind of a bully and a jerk. One is always being the smartest guy in the room—yet having an astonishingly bad track record when it comes to being, y'know, anywhere in the vicinity of correct on the major issues.

The third is believing that there are fewer women in science and math because innate differences between women and men—and, no doubt coincidentally, overseeing a decline in the percentage of women among the professors receiving tenure offers during his time as president of Harvard University.

Please send a personal email to the White House urging President Obama not to nominate Larry Summers to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve. The email below is a sample, which can be edited.

 Photo credit: Chatham House / Wikimedia Foundation

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