Tell First National Bank to pay Katie Barnett restitution for breaking into her house

"I don’t have receipts for all of my stuff. I wasn’t expecting a bank to come and to accidently repossess my house and throw it all away. And second, if I did, where do you think it would be? In my house with all my belongings?"

- Katie Barnett of McArthur, Ohio

An Ohio woman returned home from a two-week vacation to find all her possessions gone. First National Bank of Wellston meant to foreclose on her neighbor across the street—but got the wrong house, changed the locks and removed everything.

The bank apologized and claims they want to reimburse her, but refused when she itemized everything and it added up to $18,000 in personal property. Now they are insisting that she furnish receipts, and won’t pay a cent until she does.

Sign our petition to Eric Emmert, president and CEO of First National Bank of Wellston, demanding that they reimburse a minimum of $18,000 to Katie Barnett.

Photo credit: Channel 10 news

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