Tell the GOP: Violence is not a game

GOP slap Hillary An extreme outside GOP group is telling its supporters to virtually slap Hillary Clinton. Here's how it works: when she starts speaking, the player has to slap her. They're advocating slapping a woman for speaking -- and they're calling it a "game."

This "game" is the work of a shadowy outside group calling themselves "The Hillary Project." They say they'll do anything possible to "wage war on Hillary" and keep her out of the White House.

EMILY's List logoThis ridiculous behavior is why no amount of "re-branding" is going to help Republicans win over women voters -- they just don't get it. Violence against women isn't a "game." Slapping a woman for speaking isn't actually a joke. It's just gross.

EMILY’s List is demanding that every GOP candidate in 2016 pledge to refuse money from The Hillary Project and any other group advocating violence against women. Add your name now:

9477 total signers.

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