Tell Democratic senators: Don’t cave to White House pressure on Summers

The effort to block Wall Street waterboy Larry Summers from being the next Federal Reserve chairman is gaining momentum, and for good reason.

Over 135,000 people signed our petition to President Obama, and approximately 20 Democratic senators sent a letter to the White House—endorsing Janet Yellen for the job.

The White House is angry, and its pressure on senators may be working. Some Democratic senators are now saying they will end up supporting anyone the president picks for the job, which renders any statement they made in favor of another candidate meaningless.

This is too important to back away from. Contact the Democratic senators who took a stand in favor of Janet Yellen, urging them to oppose any confirmation of Larry Summers. In order to make sure your message is heard, we will hand deliver your signatures to their offices in Washington, DC.

34674 total signers.

Photo credit: Canada 2020.

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