Sign the petition: Tell striking fast food workers you support them

McDonald's workers strikeDecember 5 is expected to be the biggest day yet of the fast food strikes that have swept the country for the past year, with walkouts planned for 100 cities.

The fight for a living wage and better working conditions is an uphill battle given the differential in power between giant, profitable corporations and low-wage workers struggling to make ends meet. But poverty and inequality are on the rise in America, and nothing will change—except maybe for the worse—if these workers don't fight.

Sign our petition standing in solidarity with these brave workers, and we will make sure they receive your message. Their decision to fight is not only about giving themselves a chance at getting ahead, but it's also the only chance we all have to stop the economic race to the bottom in the country as a whole.

This petition has a goal of 10000 signatures

1506 total signers.


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