Tell KRDO Channel 13 to dump the right-wing Pueblo Chieftain as a news partner

“I want you to know that I'm not only in charge of the newspaper but every piece of news that goes out, and I don't like these gun laws, and I don't want you to vote for them.” - Ray Stafford, General Manager of the Pueblo Chieftain to Sen. Angela Giron.

Colorado state Sen. Angela Giron is facing an NRA-backed recall, and the right-wing rag in her hometown smells blood. Now, in the final weeks of the campaign, they are using the ABC TV affiliate as a mouthpiece.

The Pueblo Chieftain has been out to get Sen. Giron ever since she voted for common-sense gun safety legislation, and three top staffers at the paper all signed her recall petition. They have used every opportunity to give her bad press, including trumping up a bogus ethics complaint.

The Pueblo Chieftain is also a news partner with KRDO Channel 13, the ABC News affiliate in Colorado Springs. So when the Chieftain publishes another hit-piece on Sen. Giron, Channel 13 will broadcast it on the evening news (such as the graphic above)—even reporting directly from the Chieftain newsroom.

Sign our petition to KRDO Channel 13, the ABC news affiliate in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, demanding that they drop the Pueblo Chieftain as a news partner.

44424 total signers.

Photo credit: Media Matters.

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