Contact your member of Congress about Syria

President Obama is seeking congressional authorization for a military strike on Syria. The vote will happen soon and undecided votes are dwindling.

We polled the Daily Kos community, and most were opposed to Congress authorizing even a limited military strike that would forbid the use of ground troops. However, a substantial portion, almost 40%, were either in favor of such a resolution or currently undecided.

With such a variety of opinion, we are going to do something different. Instead of urging you to adopt a single position, we will instead empower you to make your voice heard.

Please, use the form below to email your member of the House of Representatives, letting him or her know your opinion about a military strike on Syria--whatever your opinion may be.

Note: Make sure to send an actual message. Please do not send a blank form.

Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons license)

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