Tell D.C. City Council: Don't let Walmart win

District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray vetoed the Large Retailer Accountability Act, which would have forced big box retailers operating in D.C. to pay workers a living wage of $12.50 an hour--a drop in the bucket compared to the billion dollar balance sheets of retailers included in this bill.

Retail giant Walmart, looking to open up to six stores in DC, led an intense lobbying campaign against the bill. Mayor Gray is parroting Walmart’s claims, even calling this living wage bill a “job-killer,” but the reality is that Walmart is the job-killer and DC’s workers deserve better than its poverty wages.

On Tuesday, September 17, D.C. City Council has the opportunity to override the mayor’s veto. To do so, one city council member who originally voted against the LRAA will need to find the courage to stand up to Walmart and change his or her vote to join the eight council members who voted for the LRAA.

Please join with Daily Kos and Working America by signing the petition urging D.C. City Council members Tommy Wells, Muriel Bowser, Mary Cheh, David Catana, and Yvette Alexander to override Mayor Gray’s veto and pass the Large Retailer Accountability Act. Big Box retailers like Walmart can afford to and should pay living wages to their workers everywhere.

48201 total signers.

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Photo Credit: Douglas Foote, Working America

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