Denounce House Republicans for voting to kick 3.8 million Americans off food stamps

Ultraviolet logoIn a narrow 217 to 210 vote, House Republicans passed an outrageous bill cutting food stamps by $40 billion and kicking 3.8 million people out of the program by 2014. The Senate already passed a bill cutting food stamps, but House Republicans took the cuts ten times further.

House Republicans know these cuts aren't going to become law. Instead, they are using this proposal to try and pressure the Senate into make even deeper cuts than the ones they already passed.

But here's the thing—Republicans held this vote without holding a single public hearing because they know these cuts are deeply unpopular. If we raise our voices together, we can put the pressure on them by making sure they don't get away with this quietly.

Please sign the petition from Daily Kos and Ultraviolet denouncing House Republicans for passing deep cuts to food stamps.

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