Tell your Republican representative to end this shutdown: sign the discharge petition!

Tea party extremists have taken a new hostage: John Boehner.

The Speaker is afraid to bring a clean funding bill to the House floor that would end this Republican shutdown, even though we have the votes to pass it.

But we can work around Boehner and his tea party allies, if all 200 House Democrats—plus 18 Republicans—sign a “discharge petition” to bring the clean funding bill to the House floor.

Because of what district you live in, your Congressmember is key to making this happen. Your House member has either reportedly said they would vote for a clean funding bill, lives in a district that President Obama carried in the last election or is vulnerable for re-election in 2014. That’s why we need your help now.

Email your House member, urging him or her to sign a discharge petition bringing a clean resolution to re-open the federal government to the House floor.

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