Tell Republicans: Sign the discharge petition and end this shutdown

House Republicans shut down the government and there’s no end in sight. John Boehner is too scared of the Tea Party extremists in his own party to bring a funding bill up for a vote—even though there are more than enough Democrats and moderate Republicans to pass one.

But House Democrats just found a way to get around Boehner.

Democrats can force a vote on a clean funding bill and reopen the government if 218 representatives sign a “discharge petition.” With 200 Democrats on board, we only need 18 Republicans to sign on and cut John Boehner’s legs out from under him—and 21 House Republicans are already on the record saying they’d vote for a clean funding bill.

It’s time for these Republicans to act.

Join Daily Kos, Democracy for America and Campaign for America's Future by telling House Republicans: Sign the discharge petition and end this shutdown now.

78360 total signers.

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