Tell Senate Democrats to take real action and end the Republican filibuster of judicial nominees

gavel imageRepublican obstruction of judicial nominees has reached new heights of insanity.

Not only are Senate Republicans refusing to confirm President Obama’s nominees for three vacant seats on the DC Circuit Court -- considered the second-most powerful court in the country -- but they pushing for the elimination of all three seats to prevent him from ever filling vacancies there.

Senate Democratic Leaders Harry Reid, Patrick Leahy and Chuck Schumer have already indicated that Democrats may push for changes to to Senate rules regarding judicial filibusters if Republicans continue to obstruct highly-qualified nominees.

With Republicans vowing to block any nomination that President Obama makes, it is time for all Senate Democrats and Independents to act on those indications.

Use the form below to email to your Democratic or Independent member(s) of the Senate. Tell them this outrageous Republican obstruction of judicial nominees must stop -- even if it stopping it requires using a simple majority of senators to change the rules of the Senate regarding the filibuster of judicial nominees.

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