Signature needed: One clever thing can reverse all food stamp cuts in your state

When Congress slashed food stamps in February, 850,000 low-income families in 14 states plus D.C. stood to lose $90 of food assistance per month. But in a twist befitting the movies, there is still a way we can wipe out those cuts entirely.

It's tricky to explain (you can read a full explanation here), but the bottom line is this: if a state were to increase its minimum monthly heating assistance benefit to $20 without kicking anyone out of the program, then no one in that state would face food stamp cuts.

Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight of the 14 states—New York and Connecticut, and now Pennsylvania, Oregon, Montana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts—plus DC have already done this. Executive orders by Govs. Andrew Cuomo, Dan Malloy, Tom Corbett, John Kitzhaber, Steve Bullock, Lincoln Chafee, Peter Shumlin and Deval Patrick increased the minimum heating assistance in their states to $20 a month, thereby preventing any food stamp cuts from taking place.

Every state facing cuts can do this. Sign and send the petition demanding that your governor increase heating assistance to low-income families as a means of restoring their food stamp benefits.


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