Sign and send the petition to your senator: Reject Michael Boggs!

As part of a deal with Georgia’s two Republican senators, President Obama has nominated Michael Boggs—who is anti-choice, anti-gay and anti-civil rights—to the federal district court for a lifetime appointment.

This is unacceptable. Equal rights should never be on the bargaining table.

Further, in the wake of our victory on filibuster reform last year, Democrats don't need to make deals with Republicans in order to get nominees confirmed.

Fortunately, two of the ten Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee—Sens. Al Franken (MN) and Dick Durbin (IL)—have said they plan to vote “no” on Boggs' confirmation.

Other Democrats have expressed concern about Boggs, but we don’t know how they will vote.

Sign and send the petition to your senator on the Judiciary Committee, telling them to reject Michael Boggs.


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